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        About Hongtu
        Current location:Home > About Hongtu > News Center
        Leaders of Guangdong Technology Financial Group Co., Ltd. Come to Hongtu Technology Die-casting to Inspect and Guide the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work.
        Publication time:2020.03.06 14:43:31

        In the afternoon of February 17, Tang Jun, Chairman of the Board of Technology Financial Group, Li Baiqi, Deputy General Manager and Chairman of Hongtu Technology, and others visited the die-casting plate of Hongtu Technology in Gaoyao base to inspect and guide the "COVID-19" prevention & control work as well as the resumption of work and production, meanwhile, Jiang Dongcai, Deputy Secretary and Chief Executive of Gaoyao District, Xia Hongbin, Director of Industry and Information Technology Bureau of the District, Li Yuhong, Secretary of CPC Committee of Jindu Town, and others also arrived on site to accompany the inspection and guidance.

        Comrade Jiang Dongcai introduced the epidemic prevention & control work of Gaoyao District to comrade Tang Jun and his party, with focus on the requirement and deployment of two governments of Zhaoqing District and Gaoyao District over the prevention and control work of Die-casting (Headquarters).Hongtu, as a key enterprise for epidemic prevention and control in Gaoyao District, has played an exemplary and leading role in the prevention and control work for enterprises within the district, gaining itself the appraise from Municipal CPC Committee and the People's Government of Zhaoqing.

        Picture 1: District Head Jiang Dongcai briefed Chairman Tang Jun (third from right) on the epidemic prevention and control work for Hongtu in Gaoyao District.

         Leaders of Technology Financial Group and Gaoyao District, accompanied by General Manager Mo Jianzhong, visited personally the die-casting workshop, post-processing workshop, digital control workshop, employees' living quarters (dormitory and canteen) and other sites to inspect the prevention and control situation, they highly appreciated the epidemic prevention and control measures and work resumption efforts of Hongtu Technology die-casting plate. Meanwhile, they also put forward a few advices for weakness that need to be strengthened and improved in the epidemic prevention and control work.

        Picture 2: General Manager Mo Jianzhong introduced the epidemic prevention and control situation of Die-casting (Headquarters) to leaders.
        Thereafter, Mo Jianzhong gave a detailed report on the basic information of employees, the implementation effect of joint prevention and control mechanism as well as the next-step measures of die-casting plate.

         Die-casting Department has, in strict accordance with requirements described in the Guidelines on the Classification of Work and Production Resumption prepared by the government and  Technology Financial Group, rapidly met the requirements of "five measures in place", i.e. the epidemic prevention & control mechanism, employee information screening, the prevention & control materials and facilities in place, the internal standard management and the propaganda and training of prevention & control work; it has fully screened all hidden risks, and taken timely, practical and effective measures to guarantee that all work requirements of work resumption have been put in place.
        Picture 3: Briefing of epidemic prevention and control work
        Leaders participating the meeting were briefed on the work report regarding die-casting plates and then put forward requirements for next step.

        As required by comrade Jiang Dongcai, Hongtu as a key enterprise and listed company in Gaoyao District should enforce stricter and more detailed epidemic prevention and control measures, so as to guarantee that its efforts in prevention & control mechanism, materials, employee screening, internal control, promotion and training played a benchmarking role.

        Jiang Dongcai stressed that, Gaoyao District's actively promoted the initiative of "100 Directors into 1000 Enterprises", which would remain unchanged to solve difficulties and problems for enterprises and escort their smooth resumption of work and production.

        Comrade Li Baiqi expressed his gratitude to the high attention paid and great support given by the Party Committee and the People's Government of Gaoyao District over the epidemic prevention & control and work resumption efforts of enterprises. While taking the epidemic prevention & control as the most pressing task at hand, he also required that work responsibilities should be implemented to further adopt detailed, concrete and specific measures for the resumption of work and production, and he strongly demanded that no one would be allowed to conceal any information.

        Comrade Tang Jun expressed his thanks again to the care and attention given by the governments of both Zhaoqing City and Gaoyao District to Hongtu Technology, which ensures resumption of work and production into a smooth process. He required that, during the work resumption, the management team must strictly abide by the guidelines of the government at all levels and Technology Financial Group, especially the measure of implementing the enterprise's primary responsibilities as proposed by Li Xi, Secretary of the Provincial CPC Committee, adopt concrete and detailed actions in respect of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen internally the propaganda of health and science, guide employees to protect themselves in a scientific and reasonable way, and prevent the occurrence of cross-infection events in clusters. At the next stage for production resumption, we must insist on mobilizing all staff, prepare for the worst and hope for the best, improve the emergency plan and plug the prevention and control holes. Meanwhile, we must give full play to the fighting bastion role of the Party branch as well as the exemplary and vanguard role of Party members, listen to their opinions and implement the prevention and control work in a more detailed way.

        According to Tang Jun, Technology Financial Group would as always support the development of Hongtu Technology, bring the advantages of Technology Financial Group in financial capital and innovation into full play, continue to promote the scientific & technological innovation of Hongtu Technology, and expect to drive the development of Hongtu Technology up to a new stage through concerted efforts.

        We believe that Hongtu Technology Die-casting Plate, under the correct leadership of local governments and shareholders, with all employees rallying with one mind and to one direction, will continuously build up solid lines of defense and surely win the epidemic prevention and control battle on the basis of joint prevention and control mechanism as well as mass prevention and treatment.
        Guangdong ICP Provides No. 09205031 Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment Record Number:4412833000509
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